What is Wander Book

Your Wander book full of experiences, memories and WANDER CARDS

Wander Book

How to fill Wander Book

Wander Book Preview


  1. Picture of the spot
  2. Name of the spot
  3. History and geography text
  4. Phone
  5. www of the spot
  6. GPS location
  7. Country
  8. Tourist region
  9. Category icon
  10. Record number
  11. About photo
  12. Web pages
  13. Date of visit
  14. Time of visit
  15. Type of transportation
  16. Weather
  17. Accompanied by
  18. Optional

The right part of the book is designed for your other records such as:

  • stamps, frottage lists
  • personal notes
  • Wander stamp or other cut-offs of Wander cards

!! Always stick Wander stamps close to the left edge, so they don’t overlap with Wander cards on the other side after shutting the Book, for the Book to evenly gain thickness!! Additionally, pages can be numbered in the lower right corner.