F-424 Karel Klostermann

(*13.2.1848 - †16.7.1923) A writer with a regional focus on the Bohemian Forest and the Lower Bohemian Forest. He masterfully captured the life and traditions of the inhabitants, which included both Czechs and Germans. In his works, the Bohemian Forest is home to natural elements, where people have to fight for their very life. His knowledge of the environment stand out in the novels Form the World of Forest Solitude (Ze světa lesních samot), In the Bohemian Forest Paradise (V ráji šumavském) and Fog over Blata (Mlhy na Blatech).

Karel Klostermann
  • Country:
    Česká republika
  • GPS:
    49°16'0.935"N, 14°00'15.263"E
  • Série:
    Kdo byl kdo (CZ)
  • Číslo v sérii:
  • Technical specifications:

    laminovaná samolepka, 4 výseky, rozdělená do 5 polí, rozměr 5 × 13 cm

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Karel Klostermann
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