DE-921 Herrenkrug Footbridge, Magdeburg

Footbridge over the Elbe in the northern part of Magdeburg, its layout is similar to the shape of the letter "S". It is only used for pedestrians and cyclists. Total length: 615 m, width: 5.3 m, built in 1998.

Herrenkrugsteg Magdeburg
  • Categories:
    Technické zajímavosti ( T )
  • Region:
    Sachsen-Anhalt ( SAAN )
  • Administrative division:
    Stadtkreis Magdeburg / Land Sachsen-Anhalt / Německo
  • GPS:
    52°09'16.265"N, 11°40'23.711"E
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Herrenkrugsteg Magdeburg
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