What are Wander Stickers?

Supplement your memories with interesting stickers of famous people, legends and much more besides...

Collectors’ series, where everybody will find something to choose from.

Have fun and get to know the world around you.

Wander Stickers

Stickers with pictures published in the same formats as the Wander Cards. You can put them in a Tourist Diary or make albums for the given series to which they belong to. Every series has its own unique appearance corresponding to the given theme. These include figures from our history, historical places and the legends associated with them and animals, plants and other points of interest.

We are sure that Wander Stickers and Wander Cards will become interesting collector’s souvenirs, as well as welcome teaching aids and pieces of your encyclopaedia of knowledge.

The series

The basic graphic appearance and format of the Wander Stickers

Other Wander Sticker formats

In addition to the W-basic format, it is also possible to find Wander Stickers in the TV-basic or TV-expanded formats.


Your collecting efforts will be rewarded, if you send us back the barcode coupons from the stickers. This will win you points so that you receive your next Tourist Diary free of charge. You will also receive knowledge rewards for the total number of Wander Stickers you have collected and you will subsequently be included in the annual prize draw. You can see your registered stickers in your portfolio.

Other rewards