The idea behind the project

Get to know many new places of interest and record your experiences for posterity.

Tips for more than 10,000 trips, all clearly laid out in one place

Travel and collect Wander Cards with us and expand your experiences and knowledge of Europe!

The idea behind the project

The main objective is to support a passion for tourism, to motivate people to travel and to simplify the discovery of new places, while also providing the option of recording your experiences.

The Wander Book project represents a comprehensive and constantly developing information network, where you can find places of interest from the areas of tourism, culture, sport or gastronomy. The translations in a number of languages will assist you when travelling abroad.

These places of interest are presented on Wander Stickers and Wander Cards, i.e. stickers with information which you can collect on your travels and put in your Tourist Diary.

As such, you can create an original album with stamps and notes which will enable you to recall your experiences from every trip. The size of the diary means that it will fit into every backpack and you can take it wherever you go.


Wander Book was established in the Czech Republic in 2008 by Ing. Rudolf Ropek, an orienteerer and enthusiastic photographer.

„Throughout my sports career, I kept a training diary and recorded everywhere I had been and everything I had seen. I visited hundreds of places in more than 40 countries and I always wanted to bring home a reminder from each one. Even though I don’t like buying souvenirs, as a photographer I could never resist a nice postcard. I soon had a number of large, heavy albums full of them. In 2007, I had the idea of creating the small diary with stickers, as you know it today, while on one of my trips.

Now, whenever I am travelling somewhere with my family and my small daughter does not want to go, I just have to tell her that she will get another Wander Card for her diary there.“

Ing. Rudolf Ropek
The founder of the project


Where we are headed

At present, we are publishing new points of interest, mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Austria and Hungary. New Wander Cards are still being created and we are looking for suitable sellers for them. We are also planning to expand into other European countries in the future.

In addition to tourism, we would also like to develop the project in the areas of culture, sport and gastronomy. We will increasingly use Wander Cards to present events, anniversaries, individuals and teams. You can also look forward to new series of Wander Stickers.


“I dedicate this Tourist Diary to my father, a cyclist and fan of lookout towers, who always threw all the souvenirs from his trips into a cluttered box which meant that he could never remember which and how many of them he had visited. If I asked him “How many have you got?”, he would always reply “Look in the box”

Now that he is using the Tourist Diary, he has a better answer!

I hope the Tourist Diary will motivate all its users to travel, to get to know new places and to happily recall their experiences.”