Wander Stickers

A thematically varied series of stickers with something for both children and adults

Collectors’ series, where everybody will find something to choose from.

Have fun and get to know the world around you.

Views of the past

Old postcards, drawings and period photographs which will take you back into the history of places which have changed over the years or centuries and are continuing to change. They reveal the romantic, complicated and sometimes sad fates of these places.


Who was who

Key personalities from our history, significant natives and famous personalities who came from abroad. Discover them in the places where they once walked and which shaped their lives and influenced their work. Imagine life in their day and travel back in time in search of them.



Illustrated legends which bring to life the stories from our ancestors’ distant past. Mystical places and their hidden secrets, rare treasures and dark curses. Look under the surface of the events of history and be carried away on waves of the mysterious.


The diverse world of animals and its peculiarities and well-known species can surprise with their originality. Get to know their behaviour, their remarkable properties or what they like. This does not only involve exotic animals bred in zoological gardens, but also the fauna which is typical for a certain region.



Points of interest from the world of plants, where we present domestic and exotic plants and endemic species. Discover nature directly in the field with us. The Wander Stickers will help you to recall your experiences and the points of interest about the individual plants.


Rail transport

Points of interest from the area of rail transport, the romantic and mysterious world of steam engines and modern high-speed trains. This will enchant everybody, even if they are not an avid rail enthusiast or train collector. Life on the rails has its magic. All you have to do is set off.



Treasures created beneath the surface and in the depths of the Earth. You can admire their diversity and unique colours. You will learn what they are used for and what is made from them. We will also acquaint you with their properties and individual deposits.