Choose your favourite motif from the wide range of Tourist Diaries and set off in search of new experiences!

Your travel album full of stickers, experiences and stamps

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The Tourist Diary
The Wander Sticker album

A universal notebook which you can use as a travel diary, supplement with Wander Cards and notes from your trips or turn into a Wander Sticker album.

Thanks to its dimensions of 11.6 x 11 cm and the expanded number of pages, it is not only compact, but it can also take more stickers than the classic sticker album.


The Tourist Diary

A small notebook which fits into every pocket. It is not only practical due to its size, but also because it gives you the option of recording your experiences from trips as they happen.

You can use the Wander Card stickers to create a diary which will help you to recall your memories.


Customer diaries

A special edition of the Tourist Diaries which is made to order. They are only available in the stated shops and cannot be ordered through the e-shop or acquired in return for collected coupons.

We print customer diaries in print runs of 250 or in multiples of that amount. If they are sold out and the seller does not order a reprint, they can become limited collectors’ items.

Chci vyrobit deník

Children’s diaries

When you are travelling with your little ones! The diary motifs include something for the very youngest travellers, so that every trip is even more fun for them.

They include the Czech motif of Tonda and Týna, the Polish motif of Bolek and Lolek and the Slovak motif of Jánošík.