Prize draws

Annual prize draws with interesting prizes for our travellers. Receive a Tourist Knowledge badge and join the competition!

Send and win!

Once you obtain the sufficient number of Wander Cards, we will send you a badge pertaining to your area of tourist knowledge!

The rules

The prize draw takes place every year on 30th November. Every registered tourist who has received a Tourist Knowledge badge is included in it. Each tourist will have one token with his or her name and address in the draw for every Tourist Knowledge badge they own.

The chances of winning are higher after reaching a knowledge level of 200 and above. For example, upon obtaining Tourist Knowledge 500, there will be 4 tokens with your name and address (for knowledge badges 100, 200, 300 and 500) in the draw. See the example below.

We have also drawn winners from among the collectors of Wander Stickers since 2018. Each tourist also has one token with his or her name and address in the draw for each “Wander Sticker Collector” knowledge badge he or she has.

We will inform you of the prizes to be drawn in the given year on the website or you can find them in the News section.


By accepting the prizes, the winners agree that their names and surnames may be published on the website.