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The conditions for joining the Wander Book project

We carefully and individually assess all the parties which wish to become members of the project by publishing a Wander Card or a Wander Sticker. We mainly take into account their attractiveness, accessibility and also their ability to be assigned to a category or series which has already been defined in the project. Furthermore, the quality of the submitted materials is of importance to us, as are the sales conditions and the opening hours when our users can acquire the products.

We offer every customer a tailor-made solution. We like to present different variants for processing a given product or alternative ways of categorising the project. We always make a maximum effort to include new entities in the project without breaching its basic rules.

The production and delivery terms

It is necessary to create a graphic design for the publication of a sticker. To this end, we mainly need a good-quality and representative photograph which you can send us using the form below.

We then suggest other information as part of the sticker ourselves or we add it from the information you supply. We then send everything for assessment.

The processing deadlines

It is necessary to send the materials at least 2 months before the required publishing date in order for us to be able to process everything on time.

The graphic processing: 5–10 days
The approval: 2–14 days depending on the number of comments from the customer
Printing and shipping: 2–6 weeks

These periods are only approximate and they may differ depending on the time of year and the number of orders.

The options for taking delivery of the products

The terms depend on whether this involves personal production or a product which may be subject to greater sales and which the publisher will maintain in stock.


Regular deliveries

This includes the majority of the Wander Cards for places in the areas of tourism, culture and sport and also the majority of the Wander Stickers.

The publisher reprints the goods and keeps them in stock at its own discretion so that it always has the appropriate amount for the quick supply of the goods to the customer.

A change of design
Changes can be made once the stored inventory has been sold. We will send you information on the number of items in stock at your request and it is possible to halt any reprinting. We recommend that you announce any changes or updates as far as possible in advance.

We deliver any goods in stock by post. Shipping takes place at least 2x a week depending on the time of year. The purchased amount must always be a multiple of 50 items (1 package). We pay the postage, if you purchase a minimum of 200 items.


Purchases to order

This includes Wander Cards from the area of gastronomy, Participant‘s Cards, Anniversary Cards, Personal Cards or Team Cards and some Wander Stickers.

The goods are only reprinted on the basis of a new order from the customer. The delivery term may be 3–5 weeks, so it is necessary to order the goods sufficiently in advance!

Changing the design
It is possible to carry out textual or graphic changes prior to each reprinting upon request. It is not necessary to announce this in advance. No inventory from any previous printings, which would otherwise have to be purchased, remains in stock.

The customer is always obliged to purchase the entire print run. We will send the goods by post at our expense.

The format price list
Purchase price8 Kč/item10 Kč/item10 Kč/item13 Kč/item
retail price
12 Kč/item15 Kč/item15 Kč/item20 Kč/item

The stated prices include 21% VAT.

The production form

Pro usnadnění komunikace a lepší pochopení Vašich představ a požadavků prosím vyplňte následující formulář.

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