I want to produce a diary

Create your very own diary with a unique motif depicting your place or its environs!

Come and do it with us.

No matter if you are a town or a trail, your very own diary cannot fail!

Producing a diary

In order to be able to prepare the design, we mainly need high-quality, representative photographs which you can send us using the form below.

The diary can be produced in two variants and it is necessary to adapt the selection of photographs to the selected variant.

Variant A – one photograph

The requirements for the photograph: the photograph’s motif must be oriented in portrait mode and capable of filling out the entire area of the cover.

Variant B – a collage made from 5 Wander Cards on a single background photograph

The requirements for the photographs: the main motif must be placed in the upper section, while the lower section must provide a suitable place for the placement of the collage. The neutral background should show, for example, water, grass, cliffs and be able to be adjusted (copied).

Both variants must enable the placement of the legend “Tourist Diary” at the upper edge. No production will be undertaken, if the sent materials are not suitable.


The price list
Print runPurchase priceRecommended sales priceTotal purchase price
250 items 40 CZK/items 60 CZK/items 10 000 CZK

The stated prices include 15% VAT.

The publisher reserves the right to refuse to produce the diary at its own discretion.