Diary accompaniments

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Stickers which you can use to supplement your records in your Wander Sticker album or Tourist Diary. The depicted themes include traffic, weather, society and ratings.


Visiting Cards

Stickers designed to be placed in visitors’ books. You can also add the date and your signature.


Diary cover stickers

Thematic circular stickers which you can put on the cover of your Wander Sticker album. This enables you to transform a universal motif into a specific theme.



Stickers with cartoon jokes based on the Tourist Diary’s theme. These Wander Cards rise above the world’s complications and are designed to make you laugh and to improve your mood.



Men’s and women’s T-shirts made from 100% cotton for all the fans of the Wander Book project. You can choose from a variety of colours and sizes (from S through to XXXXL).


Diary covers

Transparent plastic covers for the classic Tourist Diary or Wander Sticker album with space for inserting pens.


Copy labels / Tracing plates

Plastic plates which can be traced into a Tourist Diary or a Wander Sticker album using a graphite pencil or a regular soft pencil. Their appearance imitates a stamp and they are usually made for natural locations. Their position and appearance is displayed in the map detail for the given place.