About Wander Cards

They are stickers with photographs of attractive places of interest supplemented with interesting information

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Wander Cards

Stickers with photographs and descriptions of places of interest from the areas of tourism, culture, sport and gastronomy. They are accompanied by coupons, an English translation and a black and white Wander Stamp which imitates a stamp imprint.

Turistická vizitka

This is a similar type of sticker to the aforementioned Wander Cards. You can only find them in the Czech Republic in places of tourist interest.


The structure of a Wander Card

Wander Cards are divided according to three basic criteria, the combination of which will allow you to find what interests you.

By type

The type designates whether this involves a place, an event, an anniversary, a personality or a team. The basis of the project consists of Wander Cards from places which are displayed on maps and thus provide interesting tips for trips.

The Wander Cards also have names according to their types. Places are issued exclusively under the name Wander Card, while events, anniversaries, personalities or teams are issued as Participant’s, Anniversary, Personal or Team Cards.

By area of interest

We differentiate between four basic areas of interest which are tourism, culture, sport and gastronomy. Every area is divided into individual categories. The tourism area constitutes the basis of the project and it contains over 30 thematic categories.

Users can receive knowledge badges or medals according to the categories which their Wander Cards are assigned to.

By location

A number of tourist regions have been defined for the purposes of the Wander Book and all the places issued on Wander Cards have been classified within them.

Users can acquire knowledge badges according to the regional classification of their Wander Cards.

We also offer the option of classifying the products according to the official administrative units, i.e. by country, region or district.

The graphic appearance and format

There are 4 formats: W-basic, W-expanded, TV-basic and TV-expanded. Detailed descriptions of them can be found in the pictures below.

The W-basic format – dimensions: 5 x 13 cm – 5 fields

The W-expanded format – dimensions: 5 x 26.5 cm – 9 fields

The TV-basic format – dimensions: 5 x 9 cm – 3 fields

The TV-expanded format – dimensions: 5 x 18.5 cm – 5 fields