About the diary

An original album for your trips, full of stickers, experiences and stamps

A wide range of motifs

Choose the one you like and set off in search of new experiences!

The Tourist Diary

A small notebook which fits into every pocket. It is not only practical due to its size, but also because it gives you the option of recording your experiences from trips as they happen.

You can use the Wander Card stickers to create a diary which will help you to recall your memories.

The classic Tourist Diary

It provides space for at least 100 Wander Cards in the basic format and for your own notes. The expanded-format stickers can also be adhered across two positions, because this section contains several extra pages.

The Tourist Diary / Wander Sticker Album

It provides more space for your creativity and ideas. The layout of the main section offers an infinite number of ways of keeping the diary. You can add stickers with icons as you wish.

The diary enables the classic entry of notes like you are used to. You can put a sticker and notes supplemented with icons on the left-hand side. The right-hand side can then be used for any other notes or records.

Another variant involves reserving an entire page for each record. The advantage in doing this especially lies in the option of adhering the stickers in portrait or landscape mode. In both cases, you will still have enough space on the page for any notes, stamps and icons.

If you need more space for the record, which may be the case, if you have purchase the expanded-format stickers, we recommend that you reserve two whole pages for each record. The increased number of pages means that you can use up to 30 double pages and still have room for 100 stickers!

There is also something for collectors of Wander Stickers. If you do not want to fill the diary up with notes, you will have room for up to 260 stickers. The new format enables their precise placement in portrait and landscape modes.